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Facebook chatting aunty

About a year ago my family took a road trip to Waco, Texas to play. A display of Joanna’s decorating goods from her hit show Fixer Upper.

We went to the zoo and did fun stuff, but my underlying motive was to visit the Magnolia Market store. I bought a #SHIPLAP t-shirt that I flaunt with pride because I love this crazy decorating/remodeling duo.

Of course I also got a new t-shirt to commemorate the trip. The silos are still under renovation and it seems a tad hush hush as to what is actually gonna go down in there, but the anticipation is electric.

However, it could not confirm whether it would be taken off shelves.

The Nigerian dating scams target the lonely and vulnerable.

Lucky for me I live about 1.5 hours of easy country windshield time away. If you love Joanna’s selections, but don’t know how to put things together this place is for you.

My girlfriend and I pulled up about expecting a line based on all the noise I’ve read on Facebook. The staff did admit they can get upwards of 6,000 people through on a weekend, so we felt lucky that it was only moderately packed. There is display after display of innovative vignettes showcasing her style that you can easily reproduce in your own home.

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His concerned aunt wrote about the painful event on Facebook in a warning to other parents.