Rekviem po mechtech online dating

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Rekviem po mechtech online dating

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Awesome maps Sock, I tried s1m1 in vanilla mode and I was blown away by how much detail is packed into the old thing. It would be quite a challenge, but it would be awesome if it was possible.

Found 11/13 secrets, all of them were great and satisfying. but I didn't do anything that would be surprising to see in a playthrough of E1M1, I guess. The start map was also great (love the new AI, and all the particles), only 1 lonely secret :( Every single piece of content, be it a texture, a model, or a sound, oozes precision and competence. So far I'm just having fun backstabbing monsters and searching secrets. Here are some terrible demos: https:// crashed fitz V on the second attempt, apparently recording a demo over a demo.

Also skill levels still apply during stealth mode if you really enjoy a challenge.

:) A certain cvar that may or may not control texture filtering (not saying, do your goddamn research instead of shitting upon the thread). I wonder if it's possible to properly ghost In The Shadows, meaning no harm done and without alerting anyone.

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