Status file on openvpn not updating

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Status file on openvpn not updating

However, after restarting openvpn, I see that my client can still connect to the Open VPN server but no pages can be rendered anymore. Are you basing it on the fact the server started without any errors or did you actually perform some queries against it?

First thing I would do is use nslookup or dig to connect to the unbound server and perform some queries.

I know dig is more in fashion these days but I know nslookup better.

If you found this page looking for information about VPN client device configuration, see Part Three: Configuring Open VPN Client Devices.

completely loopy looking at all these configs The setup is simple really, and I am confused why I cant get this to work. I need to create a routed network connecting multiple remote clients to a Open VPN server.

For the client I will be using raspberry pi with two ethernet interfaces one of which is connected to only one box.

Are you trying to query local resources or internet resources?

Does it work as expected if you do not push your DNS server to the client?

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This guide will show you how to configure an Open VPN server to forward incoming traffic to the internet, then route the responses back to the client.

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